Recent Before & After Photos

Garage Repairs & New Siding After an Unexpected Loss

The before picture shown above is the aftermath of a car's faulty braking system. This customer who we've serviced before was absolutely frantic when they calle... READ MORE

Bathroom Remodel Following Water Loss

I think we can all agree when I say that any type of loss is no fun. Any loss of any size interrupts our lives, adds unneeded stress, & can be a devastation... READ MORE

Mold Loss in Manchester, CT

Our crew performed mold remediation at this home. Before demolition could take place we had to ensure it was safe to remove the materials. The walls and ceilin... READ MORE

SERVPRO of The Windsors Uses Thermal Imaging

Often times when responding to a loss it's not obvious what building materials have been affected. Our team uses a number of tools to find moisture that is hidd... READ MORE

Air Conditioner Causes Water Damage in South Windsor, CT

The bedroom you see in both pictures is part of a large water loss our crew received a couple of months ago which was caused by our customer's air conditioner. ... READ MORE

Soot Clean-up in Vernon, CT

In the pictures shown above, you can see the crawlspace belonging to a home we have been working to clean from top to bottom. After a puff back from their furna... READ MORE

Shed Fire in East Windsor, CT

In the before picture, you can see the aftermath of a fire that burnt this shed to the ground. When our crew first arrived, all that remained was a pile of ashe... READ MORE

Water Loss in Office Building in Suffield, CT

Our team responded to a large loss in an office building. The loss was caused by a backed sewage line that left much of the building saturated in dirty water an... READ MORE

Bedroom Affected by Fire Loss in Windsor, CT

This bedroom pictured here suffered from severe soot damage from the ceiling to the floor. Our team was in charge of the remediation services. We began with pac... READ MORE

Water & Mold Damage in Windsor, CT

SERVPRO of the Windsor’s will assist to the extent of the homeowner's wishes. Often times we perform both the remediation and reconstruction services. On ... READ MORE