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Impending Weather

12/24/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas tree with servpro logo tree topper in the rain, ornaments, bows gingerbread man We are in for a rainy Christmas Day!

It would not be 2020 if Christmas Day did not have any commotion, am I right? The treat of the day will be hurricane-like winds, along with the heavy rains. Combine those two factors with the large amount of snow on the ground leftover from last week’s storm and there’s a chance you may have some new visitors this year, us, SERVPRO!

While we are taking a comedic tone, we know strong winds and heavy rain can really cause severe property damage.  We wanted to take a moment to remind you, we will be available throughout the holiday to respond to any emergencies. We hope you do not need us but will be here if you do. We wish you all have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Frozen Pipe Response Plan

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

Tips to avoid frozen pipes Follow these quick and easy steps to address frozen pipes!

While we all hope to avoid frozen pipes in the winter. The reality is through all efforts pipes are going to freeze and water damage will occur as result. It is an unfortunate reality. If you should meet this fate it is better to be equipped with a response plan. So here are four quick and easy tips of action to perform if your pipes have ALREADY frozen over.

First, locate the water main shut-off valve and turn off the water

Second, open the faucet so thawing water can flow freely & relieve pressure

Third, warm the pipes w/ a space heater or hairdryer

Fourth, close faucets and turn on water

Fifth, check for leaks

After taking these initial steps you find leaks causing water damage follow the next two steps:

Protect your belongings

Call SERVPRO of The Windsors! We will take it from here.

Go with the (SERV)PRO’S!!

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

office building, desks, wter coming from ceiling, servpro logo, CT water damage, files, partitions Protect your business by trusting professionals!

We trust specialists with our medical needs, vehicle needs, and even for the perfect floral arrangements. Across all areas, services are specialized. So when your business suffers property damage why should this be any different? Why would you trust your custodian with your remediation needs? Instead, call the experts.  SERVPRO of The Windsor’s has a team with over a century of combined experience.  Our team responds weekly to commercial property damage. No matter how big or how small the loss. We have seen countless unique scenarios and have never come across a job we couldn’t handle. We like to call ourselves Figure-it-outers! Where there is a will, there is a way! Each experience equips us with new information and insight we use to educate ourselves, colleagues, and customers. We then use the information as one more tool in our arsenal to better serve our customers. If you have a commercial service need please contact us today.

FAQ’s-Water Damage

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

water droplets, servpro logo, script faq-water damage, water damage ct, south windsor, windsor, servpro FAQ-Water Damage!

Knowledge is power, understanding is priceless. So we are here to share the top three most frequently asked questions and provide the answers! Keep reading!  

Can you make the repair?

                -No, we do not fix any toilet, plumbing, ice dam or similar issues. We come in to provide remediation after repairs have been made but we can make a referral to reputable service providers based on your needs.

Will my insurance cover this?

Most water damage is covered by insurance-toilet, and tub overflows, pipe breaks, ice damming etc. Condo insurance policies have greater limitations and losses involving sump pumps tend to need an additional endorsement on your policy for coverage. If you have questions regarding your insurance coverage, call us to discuss your specific loss, with decades of experience our office understands the ins and outs of insurance coverages.  

How much will remediation cost?

            Pricing varies based on many factors-square footage involved, cause of the damage, building materials involved etc. No two claims are alike so it’s impossible to give real costs. However, we bill use insurance mandated software and work with the property owner and insurance providers to receive approval before any costs are incurred.

Understanding Fire Damage-Smoke vs. Soot

12/18/2020 (Permalink)

smoke and soot black and white photo, servpro logo, script smoke vs soot Smoke vs Soot-Do you know the difference?

When we talk about fire damage, people often have misunderstandings.  After a property suffers a fire there can be a variety of secondary damage. The damage often includes water damage, caused by the extinguishing of the fire and a combination of smoke and soot damage. People commonly mistake soot and smoke as the same things, they are not. Continue reading to learn more about smoke and soot.

Smoke – Smoke is the result of combustion. Smoke contains solids, liquids and gases. If

smoke contains hot oils, which are cooled rapidly, they can form a film on surfaces that can be difficult to remove.

Soot – Soot is the solid residues as a result of combustion. Soot is the part of the material that did not burn, called the product of incomplete combustion.

If your home suffers from smoke or soot damage, we can help. Call us today for your emergency needs or an obligation free consultation.

Roof Snow Removal

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

image of a roof gutter, with melting snow on it, script avoid ice dams in orange box, servpro water, ice dam, water clean CT Ice Dams are a leading Cause of Property Damage!

Bracing for the impending weather, I went through my own checklist and confirmed all my supplies are in order and readily available. I’ve pulled out all my winter gear and tools: gloves, hats, boots, shovels, salt, and a snow rake. The snow rake is an underused game changer in a homeowner’s home maintenance toolbox. (With limitations, primarily property height.) Snow rakes are used to remove snow from roofs.   If you don’t own one, now is the time to acquire your own.

Removing snow from your roof is an important step in avoiding ice dams which result in a tremendous amount of property damage each year. We’ve seen ice dam insurance claims reach tens of thousands of dollars! So be sure to get that snow off the roof!

When doing so here are some best practice tips to follow:

  • Don the proper gear-gripping and undamaged footwear, harnesses when possible, gloves to avoid frostbite
  • Do not begin your raking at the top, instead begin with overhangs and then slowly work your way up to, this will avoid snow build up which makes it difficult to remove.
  • Do not pull too much snow at once
  • Do not use a metal shovel/rake which may damage your roof, use a plastic shovel/rake instead
  • Use quality tools- Roof rake should be textured on the blade which will limit the scraping of the roof and thus preventing damage.
  • Do not go on a roof when it’s still snowing

If raking and/or shoveling becomes too dangerous, consider hiring a snow removal company. These unexpected costs aren’t ideal but trump risking injury and or property damage. If through all your efforts you are still faced with ice dams, we can help! Season’s greetings!

Seaonal Vehicle Maintenance

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

interior of a cheule-tan seats, mold on seat belt and seats, mold remediation servpro of the windsors, ct water remediation Here's an example of mold growth in a vehicle! Eek!

Most people are mindful of their home maintenance, especially here in New England as we embrace the changing seasons and weather elements. But what about seasonal car maintenance?  In our line of work, we handle all remediation. So our resume includes water, fire, and mold damage in vehicles too! That may be surprising to some people but when you think about it maybe it shouldn’t be. If your anything like me you live part-time in your car. Many of the things we do in our home we do in our car though perhaps more infrequently! We spend hours a week in our vehicles, eat, sleep, and sometimes even change clothes in them! the vehicle is a tiny home after all!

When there’s so much activity in our vehicles and exposure to the elements there’s similar threats to our vehicles as to our home. Here’s some tips to seasonal car maintenance!

  • Flush the cooling system and replace coolant
  • Inspect and replace wiper blades as needed
  • Replenish windshield fluid
  • Keep car free of bio debris (food, leaves, etc.)
  • Check and maintain proper tire pressure
  • Install winter tires
  • Apply a wax layer to your vehicle

No Snow Days Off!

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

green backgrond, script-severe weather alert, servpro connecticut water damage, light rain Weather Alert!

Are you ready for the heavy snow we are getting this week? There is going to be so much that snow forecasts are past measuring inches and are measuring by the foot now! The good news for our customers is SERVPRO does not have snow days. We are always open rain, snow, weekends, after-hours, and holidays. Your business cannot close, so we don’t either! If you experience any issues due to the bad weather, we are ready to help. Broken pipes, leaking roof, saturated foundations, ice dams, wind damage, we are ready to respond to it all. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Take one more preparation step by adding us to your emergency contact list! If you need us, we will be standing by.

SERVPRO's Third Annual First Responders Bowl!

12/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo, script, SERVPRO first responder bowl, white red, blue, CT The game must go on!

We are excited to announce the third annual SERVPRO First Responder’s Bowl will be played Saturday, December 26th. Kickoff goes down at 3:30pm (ET). Maintaining tradition, the game will be played at the famed Gerald J. Ford Stadium at SMU in Dallas, Texas.

So, following the excitement of Christmas Day, spend your Saturday enjoying a celebratory game of football. This year has been a reminder to appreciate those who put others before themselves, our local everyday heroes who are too often taken for granted. Thank you to all our first responders! So, join us for the SERVPRO First Responder Bowl as we recognize our family, friends, and neighbors who work every day protecting and serving our communities. Also, is it really the holiday season without America's favorite pastime?  

Fire is Terrifying.

12/13/2020 (Permalink)

picture of a house that had a fire, charred wood, all furniture burnt, roof gone, soot everywhere The aftermath of a recent house fire.

Fire is terrifying.  Complete destruction, homes and buildings burned to the ground can be achieved in mere minutes. Frankly, it is terrifying. Just this week we responded to a devastating home fire. Here we are in the middle of a pandemic, holiday season, and this poor family has lost their refuge and every material possession they owned. Everything in a matter of minutes.  

This particular fire was caused by a chimney and out of the family’s control. Which reminds us we cannot control everything. So, while we must practice fire safety and work to prevent home fires, we must also prepare for the aftermath of a home fire. We must be proactive and prepared to be reactive.

At the very minimum take these precautions to prepare yourself.

-Keep fire extinguishers in your home.

-Have an evacuation plan (practice with your children!)

-Have an emergency plan

-Maintain insurance coverage

The thought of a home fire is scary but less so when we have a response plan in place. We wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season.