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Hurricane Season 2022!

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricane above New Englad Storms above the NorthEast! What a view!

Hurricane Season has officially begun. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is from June 1st through November 30th. When most people think of hurricanes, places like Florida and Texas come to mind, but here in Connecticut we have experienced hurricanes to various severity. The last hurricane to reach landfall in CT dates all the way back to 1985!

While we experience hurricanes less frequently and severely than most southern states, we also experience; distinguishable to a Hurricane only by the wind speed and wind temps; tropical storms and coastal storms, lovingly referred to as Nor’Easters!

Tropical Storms are yearly occurrences and routinely cause widespread power outages, fallen trees, and property damage! Legendary basketball coach John Wooden said, “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”, with that spirit in mind here’s the minimal steps to take in preparation of Connecticut’s storm season.

  • Have an emergency kit ready
    • Be sure to include- flashlights, water, first aid kit, and other essential items
  • Prepare for power outages
  • Keep yard clean
  • Keep emergency information close by- emergency contact info, insurance info, health info. etc.


Impending Weather

12/24/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas tree with servpro logo tree topper in the rain, ornaments, bows gingerbread man We are in for a rainy Christmas Day!

It would not be 2020 if Christmas Day did not have any commotion, am I right? The treat of the day will be hurricane-like winds, along with the heavy rains. Combine those two factors with the large amount of snow on the ground leftover from last week’s storm and there’s a chance you may have some new visitors this year, us, SERVPRO!

While we are taking a comedic tone, we know strong winds and heavy rain can really cause severe property damage.  We wanted to take a moment to remind you, we will be available throughout the holiday to respond to any emergencies. We hope you do not need us but will be here if you do. We wish you all have a safe and happy holiday. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

Roof Snow Removal

12/16/2020 (Permalink)

image of a roof gutter, with melting snow on it, script avoid ice dams in orange box, servpro water, ice dam, water clean CT Ice Dams are a leading Cause of Property Damage!

Bracing for the impending weather, I went through my own checklist and confirmed all my supplies are in order and readily available. I’ve pulled out all my winter gear and tools: gloves, hats, boots, shovels, salt, and a snow rake. The snow rake is an underused game changer in a homeowner’s home maintenance toolbox. (With limitations, primarily property height.) Snow rakes are used to remove snow from roofs.   If you don’t own one, now is the time to acquire your own.

Removing snow from your roof is an important step in avoiding ice dams which result in a tremendous amount of property damage each year. We’ve seen ice dam insurance claims reach tens of thousands of dollars! So be sure to get that snow off the roof!

When doing so here are some best practice tips to follow:

  • Don the proper gear-gripping and undamaged footwear, harnesses when possible, gloves to avoid frostbite
  • Do not begin your raking at the top, instead begin with overhangs and then slowly work your way up to, this will avoid snow build up which makes it difficult to remove.
  • Do not pull too much snow at once
  • Do not use a metal shovel/rake which may damage your roof, use a plastic shovel/rake instead
  • Use quality tools- Roof rake should be textured on the blade which will limit the scraping of the roof and thus preventing damage.
  • Do not go on a roof when it’s still snowing

If raking and/or shoveling becomes too dangerous, consider hiring a snow removal company. These unexpected costs aren’t ideal but trump risking injury and or property damage. If through all your efforts you are still faced with ice dams, we can help! Season’s greetings!

No Snow Days Off!

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

green backgrond, script-severe weather alert, servpro connecticut water damage, light rain Weather Alert!

Are you ready for the heavy snow we are getting this week? There is going to be so much that snow forecasts are past measuring inches and are measuring by the foot now! The good news for our customers is SERVPRO does not have snow days. We are always open rain, snow, weekends, after-hours, and holidays. Your business cannot close, so we don’t either! If you experience any issues due to the bad weather, we are ready to help. Broken pipes, leaking roof, saturated foundations, ice dams, wind damage, we are ready to respond to it all. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Take one more preparation step by adding us to your emergency contact list! If you need us, we will be standing by.

Weekend Forecasts Predicts Snow!

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

green background, script storm alert, ct SERVPRO logo, SERVPRO windsors ct, orange border Storm Alert!

Hello Friends and fellow Nor’easters! Have you heard the latest weather forecast?! As promised in an earlier blog, winter is coming, and now the snow is arriving! That’s right we are expecting snow this weekend.  A storm watch alert has been issued for multiple counties in our great state. While we had a very small taste a few weeks back it’s the first significant snowfall of the year. Hartford County will see 1 to 2 inches, while in the Tolland and Windham Counties there is a possibility of 6-7 inches of snow! It’s not cold enough just yet for ice dams but there’s opportunity for other damage so if you haven’t already, be sure to perform your seasonal home maintenance! If you have any issues due to the bad weather, we are here to help! Windstorm, hailstorm, snowstorm know that SERVPRO of the Windsors has your back, call us anytime!

Winter is Coming!

12/2/2020 (Permalink)

white background, script, SERVPRO near me, SERVPRO logo, winter is coming the windsors SERVPRO near me, windsor ct Winter is Coming! SERVPRO of The Windsors stays ready!

Winter is coming. I wish I were merely referencing the renowned Game of Thrones quote but sadly, I mean it more literally. Winter is coming! We are now just a few short weeks away from the official first day of winter. Looking ahead, the fourteen day forecast predicts some relatively warm days, so try to get outside and enjoy the last few days before the cold sets in! Now is also the time to prep your car, turnover your closets, (take advantage of the abundant online deals now!), and perhaps most importantly, perform your annual winter maintenance and prepare your home!  Should you need any help with the maintenance, please contact us directly and keep an eye out on the blog for a detailed winter home maintenance tip post! Hajas!  #heretohelp

Storm Abel Has Arrived!

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Green background that reads "Storm Alert" with the SERVPRO of The Windsors Logo above it SERVPRO of The Windsors is here 24/7

Well, here it is! The first snowfall of 2019 and the first day of winter has not yet arrived! Abel arrived Sunday afternoon dumping as much as 7 inches of snow in some parts of the state!  As he progresses through today there will be a mixture of freezing rain fluctuating with more snow. Expected snowfall ranges from 2-4 inches all the way up to 12 inches in the northwest part of the state!

We know these winter storms can sometimes cause property damage.  Stay ahead of property damage in through the cold winter by maintaining your heat, keeping pipes in good functioning order, remove snow safely from your roof to avoid ice dams or large amounts of snow sitting on your roof for extended periods of time as all of these can cause water damage. A few other tips to ensure winter safety-please take extra caution during your commute, check your oil levels, and make sure there is enough fuel in your vehicles.

SERVPRO of The Windsors is here to help you 24/7 with any of your property damage needs this season.

SERVPRO Standing By!

11/8/2019 (Permalink)

picture of green servpro tractor trailer, drying equipment, crwe memebers in servpro uniform all in a driveway with SERVPRO's Disaster Recovery Teams are waiting to answer your call!

Did you know SERVPRO employs their own in-house meteorologists? That’s right our corporate office has in-house meteorologists who track and monitor weather events.  This type of attentiveness allows SERVPRO teams nationally and locally to prepare. After all, preparation is half the battle.

When we learn of potentially catastrophic weather events we prepare to respond.  SERVPRO readies local franchises and large disaster recovery teams. The DRT’s are strategically placed nationwide waiting to answer the call. The large loss and disaster recovery team take our training and expertise and kick it up two notches!  

The combination of a large loss team and a local franchise is advantageous to property owners; they receive the attention and knowledge from people in our community who understand the community, local property and insurance laws. The large loss teams provide supplementary resources, knowledge, and expertise to remediate properties on a large capacity and with greater speed. 

The next time a storm or is a potential weather event is coming know that SERVPRO is aware, and ready for whatever happens!

In 2019 SERVPRO dispatched teams to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, Florida after Hurricane Dorian and even California after the devastating wildfires. In previous years the Disaster Recovery Team (DRT) has visited the entire counter from the polar vortex in 2014, to Sandy in 2012, and as far back as Katrina in 2005. SERVPRO has a long history of responding to disasters and earned the recognition as a leading emergency responders.

We are proud to be a part of a team that offers comfort in bad times.  So, when disaster strikes whether it be wind, rain, snow, tornado, or hurricane SERVPRO is there when you need us. here when you need us.  

Weatherful 24!

11/1/2019 (Permalink)

Picture of front of house and lawn onlawn is lanscape with large tree broken and fallen onto the house, servpro logo, script Last night's storm caused fallen trees throughout the state, SERVPRO of The Windsors can help you rebuild after a storm.

We’ve had such a weather-ful 24 hours!  First, a rained out Halloween, that was followed by a super windy night. Reports are clocking in wind speeds over 60 miles per hour! That’s strong winds, and they are packing a punch! As a result of last night’s storm there are thousands of people without power. The ride into work today was upset by downed trees and wires, something we are seeing a lot of that this year.  Did you know tree damage results in more than a billion dollars in property damage each year?   

We had our eye on the weather so we ‘ve readied our team. If you’ve suffered property damage last night our team is standing by. Give us a call 860-627-0763, we’re here to help.

SERVPRO of The Windsors Offers Emergency Response Following Storms!

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

crop land, grey skies, servpro logo, script-do's and dont's minimize storm damage, list of do's and dont's Heed these tips to minimize storm damage!

The remarkable author Mark Twain cleverly said, “If you don't like the weather in New England now, just wait a few minutes.”  It’s a fair statement, wouldn’t you agree? As a lifetime New Englander, I can attest the weather can certainly be unpredictable and fluctuate frequently here in New England.

That is why at SERVPRO of The Windsors we stay ready. We are ready for whatever happens! Our crews are prepared to respond to your claim 24/7/365. 

Whether it is boarding and tarping, tree removal, water damage we are ready to respond. We are ready in a moment’s notice to respond to your property damage!

If you experience property damage following a storm or weather event, take comfort knowing we are here to help.  Call us anytime, we want to hear from you!

Bomb Cyclone Blows Through Connecticut

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

meteorologist image of the northeast map in gray with blue and green spots indicating weather conditions Bomb Cyclone Brings Wild Weather to CT!

Bomb Cyclone certainly sounds formidable and Wednesday night’s storm and certainly was powerful! There was an abundance of power outages and fallen trees! Throughout the state over 40,000 power outages were reported, and more than half a million people affected throughout New England. There were numerous school and business closures! (not ours!) Some roads seen temporary stop signs set up in place of traffic lights while other roads were blocked off entirely. Simply put, things were a mess! There were teams working to remove the trees and to restore power. Our office also responded to several emergencies.

First were the jobs requiring tree removal. Tree removal companies saw their schedules filling up rapidly but thanks to our relationships we were able to coordinate immediate tree removal for multiple property owners. Then, several of our customers suffered from roof damage from fallen trees which required roof tarping, we were happy to help. Lastly, were the jobs involving water.  We saw a combination of groundwater and water intrusion caused by the fallen trees. We had a busy couple of days.

Power has been restored, roads re-opened, trees removed, roofs tarped, and water extracted.  We are proud to be part of the group of people who respond after bad times.

We hope you don’t, but if you need us, we are here to help.

Emergency Board-up and Tarping

10/19/2019 (Permalink)

house with doors and windows boarded up, landscape, servpro logo, script that reads, "emergency board-up... SERVPRO of The Windsor's offers emergency board-up services!

Did you know we do emergency board ups and roof tarping?

After a storm, you may need assistance barding up your home. We can help.  From a small window to an entire roof we have done it all.  Our warehouse is prepped with the materials and tools to board-up your property at a moment’s notice at any time. We understand your home is your castle and we want to help you protect it.  If you experience the need for a board-up, we are just a call away. Our crew will secure the property ensuring no debris, weather conditions, or animals further adversely affect the house.   We pride ourselves in our ability to handle any and all situations that arise. If you have any needs or questions please don’t hesitate to call us! 860-627-0763

When Storms or Floods Hit Connecticut SERVPRO of The Windsors' is Ready!

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO van parked on street in residential area, brown house and driveway in background, As a local emergency provider, SERVPRO of The Windsors offers immediate response to your property damage!

Faster Response:

Since we are a locally owned and operated business we have the capability to respond quicker with the necessary resources, which is extremely important. A fast response greatly lessens the damage, limits further damage, and greatly reduces the remediation and restoration costs.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms:

When storms hit Connecticut SERVPRO of The Windsor's can scale our resources to handle everything from a large storm to any size flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of over 1,650 Franchises located across the country and SERVPRO'S elite Disaster Recovery Teams are strategically located throughout the United States ready and waiting to assist local franchises.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today at 860-627-0763.