Cleaning Photo Gallery

two duct registers on a blanket, half clean and white, half dirty and gray, SERVPRO of the windsors, SERVPRO near me, SERVPRO

Take a Look At the Difference!

Duct cleaning is important to ensure you're spending your time in a clean and safe environment. As our technician was cleaning ducts in a commercial building he decided to get artsy! He is quite a multi-tasker after all.  This picture shows the difference in cleanliness levels during the process.  If the vents look like this imagine the ducts! 

Soot Damage Effects

Don't underestimate the effects of soot damage! The effects on the property are obvious, but did you know severe damage to a home could impact the occupant’s health? SERVPRO of The Windsors is happy to help homeowners clean their properties and keep them clean and safe! This picture shows a wall during the cleaning process, to the right you can see what the wall looks like before cleaning and to the left you can see what our specially crafted products and hardworking crew is capable of!