Storm Damage Photo Gallery

 Roof with ice damn that shows water trapped in between, a fan in blowing from inside the house to dry roof. SERVPRO Logo

Winter Storms Can Cause Havoc & Chaos

Winter is approaching and quickly. We can't control the weather and the effect that it may have on our homes and other structures, but there are precautions you can take. After winter storms clean as much of the snow off of your roof as possible, and in the case you have an ice dam wreaking havoc on your home contact SERVPRO of The Windsors immediately.

Window that has been iced over, large icicles hanging outside of window, SERVPRO of The Windsors logo

Storm Season is Upon Us!

The season for storms is here! Year after year we receive phone calls for losses due to storms causing water damage. Make sure your homes are ready for the winter season, and well if they aren't, make sure you call SERVPRO of The Windsors. We are here to help!

House, front lawn, sky with clouds showing impending bad weather, servpro logo.

SERVPRO of The Windsors Gets Ahead of Storms

When bad weather is imminent, SERVPRO of The Windsors is gathering the tools and prepping our crews to respond to your property damage. When bad weather hits, we are here to help! 

Attic with hanging tree branch breaking through ceiling,roof shingles, and wood from attic framing covering attic floor

Storm Damage to an Attic in CT

The weather can be unpredictable. This is the aftermath of one of our infamous storms here in New England. SERVPRO of The Windsors was able to help this homeowner with tree removal, tarping of the roof to prevent further damage and the necessary repairs!

fallen tree, damaged home

SERVPRO of The Windsors Can Help You Rebuild After A Storm

Here at SERVPRO of The Windsors we can offer just about any service imaginable. If you or anyone you know falls victim to the unpredictable weather here in New England, you don't have to go it alone! SERVPRO of The Windsors views our customers as a part of our family. We will hold your hand along the way and are willing to take on all of the burdens for you. We have an excellent team that we've worked very hard to assemble to help with your rebuild needs and make things "Like it never even happened."

Roof Tarp Following Storm in East Hartford, CT

The roof of this home was affected by a recent storm. The customer did the right thing by immediately calling us to tarp the roof until repairs can be made. Had they not contacted us when they did, this minor setback could have snowballed into even more damage inside the home itself. Remember SERVPRO is here to help 24/7!

Second Floor Affected by Storm in Somers, CT

Here's a look at a storm loss our team responded to, as you can see a tree had fallen on the home breaking through the roof causing severe damage. Our crew arrived on the scene and got to work immediately, cleaning up debris, and repairing the damage. A few short weeks later we were able to have our customer return home "Like it never even happened."

Fallen Tree in Hartford, CT

Whoa! That's our first impression! A strong wind storm in the state caused many trees to fall. Unfortunately for one homeowner this tree landed right on their home. Thankfully, no-one was hurt.  However, the damage to the property was extensive. Fortunately, our team, as always, is here to help! We removed the tree and will now begin restoration work.  If you have any needs with your restoration or remediation needs we are available 24/7!