Water Damage Photo Gallery

Room with drywall wall and ceiling removed, wood floors, drying equipment in place, servpro logo

SERVPRO of The Windsors Are The Water Damage Professionals!

The only way to protect your property after a water loss is through thorough remediation. SERVPRO of The Windsors can help. This is a shot of a living room after we responded to a water damage loss. Acting quickly and setting up this drying mat system will help save this family's beautiful wood floors.

basement with flooded concrete floors and white walls. The picture reads "it's never just the floor that's damaged" .

Let the Experts Take Care of You

Often times we receive phone calls for water losses that the customer thinks are minor and may just require some extraction and our equipment being placed for a day or two. It's easy to see what is wet on the surface, but our technicians are trained and have special equipment to read the moisture levels of the materials that you may not believe are wet EX: your walls, ceiling, subflooring, even the framing behind your walls and ceiling. Not removing all materials that have been in contact with the water or drying them properly can cause much larger issues like mold. Call SERVPRO of The Windsors to avoid a small water loss becoming a much larger mold loss!

SERVPRO windsors in stonington, SERVPRO box truck in drivewa of water front property, house, driveway, front lawn

Our Team On Site At a Water Loss in Stonington, CT

Every day is different here at #SERVPRO! Some days, like yesterday, we work at scenic locations! Our crew responded to a water loss in Stonington. It is not our typical neck of the woods but one of our customers called and asked us to perform the remediation services and we are #heretohelp! SERVPRO of the Windsors will always the extra mile for out customers! 

SERVPRO in windsor ct, SERVPRO of the windsors box truck, in driveway of yellow two story home, front lawn, SERVPRO ct, water

Our Crew On Site!

Our team work 24/7/365 to ensure we are available to our customers in their times of need! This picture was taken on Saturday. Our office received the lead and quickly dispatched a team. The homeowner was relieved to know she would not have to wait until Monday for service.  When you suffer from water damage it is very important to react quickly to prevent further damage!

Water Damage at St. Francis of Assisi

After a cold evening last week a pipe broke at the St. Francis of Assisi in New Britain, CT. The church called us to perform the mitigation services! We responded immediately, we work with many churches around the state for emergency and regular maintenance services. If you have any needs for your home or business please call us at 860-627-0763!

Water Damage at Asnuntuck Community College

Over the weekend Asnunctuck Community College in Enfield, CT experienced a water loss caused by an issue with their sprinkler system.   The sprinkler system released lots of water that permeated several areas of the school. Immediately after Asnuntuck called our office our team worked to quickly clean up the school as fast as possible while maintaining high quality service.  Fortunately we were able to remedy the situation over the duration of the weekend.  By Monday morning it was “Like it never even happened”; the school was operational allowing the students to continue their education without any disruption to their classes!

Water Damage in Enfield, CT

While the homeowners were away water accumulated in their home to over 7 feet high. When no one else can help SERVPRO of The Windsors can! Our team was able to bring the water levels down to manageable amounts in just a few hours.


SERVPRO is equipped with the industry's latest and greatest equipment to service your needs skillfully. This vehicle in our fleet has a mounted unit that allows for thorough and efficient extraction! 

Air Movers

SERVPRO of The Windsors is faster to the disaster with hundreds of air movers in our warehouse to assist in the drying process. Air movers our imperative to properly dry your property!